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10 Microblades

18mm - Sterile - Sharp Blade & Non Slip Grip With Pigment Sponge - 18F Microblading Needles

20 pcs Dbrowstudio Microblading Disposable Pen

Color: Black
  • The microblading disposable pen is ergonomic, Perfect Arc Line Easy to hold, Anti-slip Design Handle 

    • Each microblading disposable pen is equipped at the end with a small sponge ,and eack pack with a ring ink cup, help you easily cover the pigment. 
    • The needle is equipped with a protective cap to prevent damage to the microblade needle 
    • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BLADES – Each of our premium-quality microblading disposable pens feature safe and professionally designed blades that are the perfect sharpness for eyebrow microblading 
    • Disposable – To ensure the complete safety of those you work on with our manual tattoo microblading pens.
    • Each set comes with 10 of our individually packaged U-shape microblading tools. Each package having the lot number and expiration date printed right onto it. We also provide a sterilization report upon request. 
    • Non Slip– To help keep you and those that you’re working on with our microblading supplies safe, we’ve designed each of our eyebrow tattoo microblading pens with an ergonomic, comfortable, and easy to hold non-slip grip. 
    • Sponge - In order to help make working with our disposable microblading pens simpler, we’ve provided a small cotton sponge on the end of each Flat-shape microblading tool, perfect for helping you mask pigments with ease.
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